Advisor’s client review involves logistics and pre-planning – printing client reports and carry relevant data on laptop. Imagine common client review situations where client asking advisor about implications of selling a holding or why portfolio under performed during a specific period. Without online access to relevant information in presentable format, advisor ends up sending additional information to the client subsequently and followup with a call.

Our next generation advisor app is a game changer. App is designed to enhance the productivity of advisors and exceed personalised service level expectations of your high net-worth clients. Advisors can meet their clients away from home or office and conduct client reviews on a tablet. Interactive app allows them to navigate through time periods and performance using touch gestures, drill down to security and lot level holdings and conduct what-if scenarios on the fly.


Start your day with advisor dashboard. Quickly review aggregate holdings, allocations and recent inflows / outflows.

Performance Analysis

Drill-down to investor wise positions or navigate to client dashboard. Review yield on open positions. Swipe through time periods to see how portfolio has performed against benchmarks.

What-if simulations

Simulate what if scenarios on the fly and review impact on returns, capital gain and fees. Plan your next rebalancing strategy.


Why keep things at back of your mind? Get notified when portfolios need your attention.

Mobile and Tablet Apps for Investors

Be your clients’ first stop on their favourite smartphone and tablet devices. App provides interactive access to client’s portfolio, performance and holding data. It is also possible to view client’s accounting and capital gain reports through the app.

Custom branded apps with your own logo can be made available on Apple (iOS) and Android App stores. The web version of app is responsive and works with all modern browsers on PCs, Macs, iPads and Android / Windows tablets.

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