Integrated solution for your front, middle and back office operations


  • Multi-class and multi-series funds with user defined fund hierarchy
  • Flow through allocation of P&L components across fund hierarchy with support for class / series specific income and expense accounting
  • Calculation and reporting of daily NAV / GAV for the entire fund hierarchy


Multi-currency Fund Accounting

  • Asset classes and instruments – equity, equity derivatives, mutual funds, fixed income, structured products and alternative assets.
  • Multi-currency portfolio accounting with standard valuation methods – FIFO, Weighted average, LIFO, Highest cost, Lowest cost.
  • Base currency (functional currency) can be defined at the portfolio level. Aggregation across portfolios can be done in group/firm level reporting currency.
  • Cost basis in base (functional currency) and security currency with Price gain and currency (FX) gain bifurcation.
  • Accounting for trade, income and expense payable / receivables settlement with currency (FX) gain computation.
  • Corporate action processing – automatic processing of corporate actions pertaining to holdings, income and distributions across portfolios.
  • Full set of accounting reports including P&L and balance sheet and trial balance in fund’s base currency
  • Data interfaces and reconciliation with custodian.


Performance Measurement

  • Performance measurement consistent with CFA Institute’s Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS).
  • Price gain and FX gain bifurcation with contribution analysis for multi-currency portfolios.
  • Rate of return calculation at all levels (portfolio, asset class, security type and security) using various GIPS recommended methods including daily valuation (TWRR), Modied Dietz, Modified IRR and XIRR.
  • Portfolio can be benchmarked with multiple benchmarks. Benchmarks can be bledned across indices.
  • Aggregation and drill-down options across hierarchies in the group level base (functional) currency.


Trade Order Management

  • Rebalancing and allocation tools.
  • Pre-trade compliance checks and limit monitoring.
  • FIX compliant order routing and trade capture


Fees and Billing

  • Comprehensive billing module for calculating administrative fees, management fees and incentive fees (profit sharing) with hurdle rate and water marking.



  • Distinctive, international standard reports supported by graphs and charts.
  • Multi currency reports with details in base (functional) currency and security currencies.
  • Report collation,sheduling and e-mailing.