Integrated portfolio management, rebalancing and client reporting solution for your advisory business:

  • Manage investments across asset classes and security types – stocks and ETFs, derivatives, mutual funds, fixed income, alternative investments
  • Client profile, asset allocation preferences and client suitability profile.
  • Capture held away assets and tag them to external advisors for consolidated reporting across advisors.
  • Client portfolio review, rebalancing and monitoring tools.
  • Performance measurement and return calculations.
  • Fees billing and commissions calculations.
  • Presentation quality client reports that inform, excite and wow investors.
  • Data interfaces and reconciliation with feed providers, MF registrars, custodians and brokers

Global private banks and wealth advisory firms use WealthSpectrum for their private wealth management business. Some of our clients:

  • BNP Paribas Wealth Management
  • Credit Suisse
  • Client Associates Private Wealth Management
  • HSBC Private Bank
  • Sanctum Wealth Management
  • Wealth Advisors (India)