WealthSpectrum completes 10 years in production

It has been an amazing journey since we went live with our first client in 2004. Our client base is growing steadily and our offerings now cover significantly wider spectrum across asset and wealth management industry. Being bootstrapped and profitable, we remain fully committed to long term interest of our product and clients.

Development of WealthSpectrum started in 2001 and we made some interesting technology architecture decisions early in our development cycle. WealthSpectrum was developed as thin client, browser based solution using html and java script front end. Even today, how many portfolio management applications have thin-client, browser based user interface for front, middle back office functionality? I guess not many. On the server side, we decided to make use of upcoming technology frameworks like Apache Struts very early in their adoption cycle. These decisions helped us in keeping our technology stack stable for a significantly longer period and focus purely on product features, user experience, reliability and scalability.

What’s up next…
It is interesting to observe the way technology disrupts and re-shapes behaviors and relationships in financial services industry. Tablets and smartphones are coming to enterprises. More and more wealth advisors are keen to use their tablet to aid in their portfolio reviews with their high net-worth clients. Changing investor expectations are redefining advisor client relationships. Investors are more informed, want more involvement in the decision-making process and there is a growing demand for accessing their portfolio data anytime, anywhere.

It became very clear to us that WealthSpectrum should have a native mobile / tablet app which can complement our existing offerings. We started with the design and development about a year back. The app is designed from the ground up using the latest mobile first technology frameworks. We are so excited and look forward to the launch very soon. Stay tuned for the updates and announcements!