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Review and monitor client
portfolios using interactive tablet app.

Meet your clients away from home or office.

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Seamlessly integrated

front, middle and back office software solutions
for asset and wealth management.

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Presentation quality

client reports

that inform, excite and wow investors.

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Alternative Investment Solutions

for Real estate funds, Hedge funds and Private Equity funds

Enterprise technology solutions for investment and wealth management

Our clients include global private banks, asset management companies, wealth advisors, family offices, alternative investment funds, hedge funds, retirement funds and custodians.

Accounting and Back office

Cost basis tracking, full set of accounting reports including P&L and Balance sheet, Fees and commissions calculations

Rebalancing and Monitoring

Preferences and restrictions, Automatic rebalancing, Alerts and monitoring

Performance Measurement

Return calculations consistent with GIPS, TWRR and IRR calculations across hierarchy

Client reporting

Presentation quality client reports, Customized client web portal

Access anywhere

Mobile / Tablet apps


Parameterised customisation options


Built on scalable technology architecture


Excellent track record of 10 years in production

Happy and satisfied clients